Top Car and Vehicle Auction Terms Explained

This article is a piece of an arrangement managing the nuts and bolts of UK vehicle and vehicle barters. A portion of the terms utilized may apply to different nations however explicit vehicle necessities are UK based.


• Auction – The procedure by which things are offered to the most elevated bidder inside a focused situation

• Auctioneer – The individual in charge of controlling the bartering


• Bid – A measure of cash offered by a bidder for a specific parcel

• Bidder – An individual or organization contending to buy a specific parcel

• Bidding Number – A one of a kind number alloted to a bidder during certain sorts of closeout

• Buyers Fee – A measure of cash added to the Hammer Price of a specific parcel or buy – at times called Commission


• Cashier – An individual from Auction staff in charge of taking installment from purchasers and discharging Vehicle Documents and Pass Outs

• Catalog – A rundown of the things available to be purchased in any one sale

• Closed Auction – A deal accessible for welcomed purchasers

• Commercial Vehicles – Any thing at closeout that is principally utilized for a business nature.

Can incorporate vans, trucks, tractors and plant things

• Commission – See Buyers Fee

• Company Fleet – A gathering of vehicles utilized for the necessities of a business or association and typically rented from a renting organization

• Contract Hire – A type of long haul renting understanding offered by Leasing Companies

• Cover Note – An endorsement of engine protection offered by insurance agencies as a transitory measure until full confirmation arrives


• Date of First Registration – The time at which a vehicle was allocated is Registration Number

• Dealer Group – A chain of vehicle vendors working either under a producer establishment or autonomously and selling at least one make of vehicle from at least one geographic area. A kind of purchaser and seller at vehicle barters

• Dealership – A solitary area inside a Dealer Group. An autonomous vehicle vendor

• Deposit – The measure of cash that must be paid so as to offer in some random sale, or to verify an offer on some random vehicle

• Drive Away Insurance – Cover offered by insurance agencies to enable a purchaser to drive a vehicle after buy. At times offered free through sales

• Dutch Auction – A variation of the English Auction framework where the Auctioneer starts with a high asking value which is then brought down until a bidder acknowledges

• DVLA – The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, an Executive Office of the Department for Transport (DfT)


• English Auction – The most generally utilized and unmistakable arrangement of selling whereby the closeout of a thing is controlled by an expansion in the estimation of offers until a last offer and bidder remain

• Entry Details – Information appeared on the Windscreen Entry Form depicting the vehicle, for example, the present Odometer perusing, Service History, MOT and Road Tax status and other data important to Buyers

• Entry Fee – The expense to enter your vehicle into some random sale


• Fee – Any charge added to the expense of selling or purchasing a vehicle at closeout

• Finance House – An organization that leases vehicles to organizations, associations or to private people. A kind of vender at vehicle barters

• Fleet Vehicles – A vehicle or van which has recently been rented by an organization or association

• Former Keepers – The quantity of people, associations or organizations which have recently kept any given vehicle


• Gavel – The official name for a barkers hammer


• Hall – The zone where the closeout happens. There can be at least one corridors arranged inside a sale site

• Hammer Price – The incentive at which a thing or part is sold. This worth is set once the salesperson proclaims the thing as sold and cuts down the hammer


• Inspection Report – A record made by an architect or sale representative featuring any harm or issues with a vehicle



• Key Room – The workplace inside a bartering site where vehicle keys will be kept and discharged to an endless supply of a Pass Out


• Leasing Company – An association which leases vehicles to business or associations to frame their armada. A kind of dealer at vehicle barters

• Log Book – A basic name utilized for a vehicles Vehicle Registration Document or V5c

• Lot – Any thing available to be purchased inside some random closeout

• Lot Number – The one of a kind number doled out to any thing available to be purchased in some random sale


• Main Agent – The approved dealer and administration focal point of a specific kind, or types, of vehicle inside a given topographical territory. May likewise be utilized in reference to a vehicle’s Service History which may incorporate their stamp

• Manufacturer – The producer of a sort of vehicle. A kind of dealer at vehicle barters

• Margin – The distinction among expenses and cost to gain a thing and the absolute consequent deal esteem

• Mileage – The present miles gone by a specific vehicle as appeared on the vehicle’s Odometer

• MOT – A declaration affirming that at the season of the last test, a vehicle met the base statutory wellbeing and natural norms


• Non-sprinter – Used to portray a vehicle when the motor won’t turn over


• Odometer – A gadget which records the present miles gone by a vehicle and after that shows this record

• Open Auction – A deal where anyone is allowed to visit and offer


• Part X – Vehicles offered at sale that have been exchanged to a Dealership as an end-result of another vehicle

• Pass Out – A structure given to the purchaser of a vehicle showing that the deal is finished and enabling the purchaser to expel the vehicle from the bartering site

• Plant – A term used to depict any things which don’t fit into the general deal classes. Can essentially be utilized to portray farming hardware, mechanical things or non street vehicles

• Plate – Term used to allude to a vehicles enlistment number

• Private Buyer – The term used to portray an individual from the open not related, or offering for, business gain

• Provisional Bid – The framework whereby the bartering will contact the seller and offer them the most noteworthy offer accomplished during a closeout if this offer has not met the set save cost



• Registration Number – The one of a kind code relegated to a vehicle by the DVLA and used to recognize it

• Remarketing – The business term used to portray the clearance of trade-in vehicles at closeout

• Reserve – The base deal worth set by the seller on any one part

• Road charge – The statutory sum payable on all vehicles so as to drive them on UK streets.

• Rostrum – The stage or platform where the salesperson stands and from where the sale is controlled

• Rostrum Clerk – An Assistant to the Auctioneer who goes about as a Customer Liaison during the sale


• Sale – The time during which the Auction happens

• Service History – Details of a vehicles support and past. Will incorporate subtleties of when, and at what mileage, administrations have been done on a vehicle. Stamps may incorporate those from Local Garages or Main Agents

• Sold as Seen – The procedure by which vehicles are offered as well as sold without assurance


• Tax Disk – Certificate connected to within a vehicles windscreen affirming that it has current Road Tax

• Trade – Buyers or dealers at sale whom work inside the Automotive Industry


• Unsold-A vehicle that has been entered at sale and has not been purchased either because of absence of enthusiasm from Buyers, the last offer not achieving the Reserve or the Seller dismissing a Provisional Bid


• V5C – Also known as a log book. Demonstrates the present enlisted manager of the vehicle and is utilized to advise the DVLA regarding any adjustment in proprietorship

• VAT Marginal – Applicable to Trade purchasers will’s identity required to pay VAT on their Margin when they sell the vehicle on

• VAT Qualifying – Applicable to Trade purchasers. Tank is payable on the Hammer Price of a vehicle

• Vehicle Documents – The aggregate term used to portray all legitimate and extra reports identifying with a vehicle

• Vehicle Logistics – The procedure and arrangement of organizing vehicles for gathering and conveyance to and from closeout destinations

• Vendor – An organization, association or individual selling their vehicle(s) at closeout


• Warranted Mileage – Used to portray when a vehicle’s merchant has affirmed that the present Odometer perusing is right and precise

• Windscreen Entry Form – An archive joined to within a vehicle demonstrating the vehicle’s Entry Details




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